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“IT” stands for Information Technology. SoHo is an acronym for “Small Office, Home Office”. IT 4 SoHo is therefore Information Technologies for Small Office and Home Offices. We’re very experienced and provide world-class VOIP Phone Hillsborough County services.

Do you live in or near Hillsborough County and need VOIP Phone? Whether you have a minor question or a mountain of confusion, we’re available to help with your challenges. Please give us an opportunity to win your VOIP Phone Hillsborough County business. We’re happy to do an introductory call with you and answer basic.

So if you are a small business owner who dreams of one day becoming a huge success with lots of employees you have to start somewhere.  One of the first things that sales success means is that a small business owner is going to have to hire people.  And if those people are going to work in the office, usually they are going to need are going to need an office phone.

But sales success is rarely in a straight line, and that means that many businesses take two steps forward and one step back.  So that brand new phone line that the business owner just purchased could just as easily be redundant tomorrow.

It’s not always easy to predict how many phones you’ll need over the next year, and if you have a traditional phone system, you have to estimate carefully to avoid spending money on phone lines you won’t use.

All this goes away with Hosted Telephone systems. With VoIP for your business, you can add a line as soon as you add a new employee, and when an employee leaves, you can easily reassign or remove the line. You always have the right number of phone lines for your needs.
Allworx has deployed more than 40,000 VoIP systems and more than 600,000 IP phones across more than 25,000 business customers to date. Allworx is available to SMBs through a network of 1,000+ independent resellers in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, and also as Windstream IP Simple, a managed monthly subscription service that combines Allworx with VoIP and data services from Windstream. For more information, please visit www.allworx.com.

Call IT4 SoHo today for help with your VOIP Phone Hillsborough County needs!

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