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“IT” stands for Information Technology. SoHo is an acronym for “Small Office, Home Office”. IT 4 SoHo is therefore Information Technologies for Small Office and Home Offices. We’re very experienced and provide world-class VOIP Tampa Bay Area services.

Do you live in or near Tampa Bay Area and need VOIP? Whether you have a minor question or a mountain of confusion, we’re available to help with your challenges. Please give us an opportunity to win your VOIP Tampa Bay Area business. We’re happy to do an introductory call with you and answer basic.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  Although it can provide a lot of extra bells and whistles, VoIP at its most basic is simply a method for transmitting voice calls over the internet.  Why is it so important?  Because VoIP uses data networks rather than physical wire to transmit voice data from one device to another.

VoIP business phone system can run on any office’s Ethernet network or local area network. That means business owners can add new phones and extensions without physical cabling.  It also means a business owner could take office calls from his or her mobile device or home office phone, and integrate with other applications like customer relationship management tools or Microsoft Outlook. Another advantage is that it is easy to add or drop phones at any time so you are not paying for lines you do not use and if business gets better, no technician has to visit your office to add lines.

IT4SOHO, a company located in St. Petersburg, is a licensed Allworx distributor. That means that the company can assist any company in all aspects of setting up and managing the system as well as handle any troubleshooting should that become necessary.

Call IT4 SoHo today for help with your VOIP Tampa Bay Area needs!

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